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We did it! We moved in together.

When you’re in a band it’s important to commit 100% to the band’s goals and see them through.

I’ve been in Scruffy Bear for just over 3 years now and the majority of that time has been spent figuring ourselves out, defining our sound and really trying to get a solid foundation for what we want to achieve.

There’s been so many bumps in the road and points where we just wanted to pack it in, BUT now there’s no escaping because… I’ve moved into a house with Sass and Georgy! (Sorry Jack we’ll see you soon ★)

It was definitely a weird thought for me, these two moved to Hyde not far from where I lived in Stockport and we’ve slugged away at every teething problem we’ve had with the band. I’d be round at theirs writing songs, eating, figuring out social media, more eating, watching Game of Thrones (did anyone actually enjoy season 8?). Then one day I was asked (very awkwardly, *Georgy*) if I would consider getting a house together with them.

It only made sense since there were weeks I’d spend every evening there and I knew getting away from Hyde was on their mind. This way we could get an absolutely dutty house, achieve more of our goals and I wouldn’t have to leg it to the bus stop whenever my car decided to die.

The plan WAS to go somewhere nearby such as Glossop. It’s semi-rural, cute and not tooooooooo far from a major civilisation but eventually we settled on God's own country North Yorkshaaaa, or Darlington, County Durham if you want to get technical. The thought of moving up so far away honestly spooked me, it’d be the first time I’d moved away from Manchester/ Stocky P since I went to live in Bristol at the start of uni and that turned into a nightmare so I came back and carried on living my life as a forever Manc.

I never actually saw the house in person before we applied for it, I got a lovely little video tour of it and it seemed to fit our shared criteria and it helped that I wasn’t being a fussy pussy. I’ve been here a week now and I’m proper enjoying it so far, the area is lovely, the neighbours are lovely and living with two thirds of my bezzie pals is the best.

The only tiny problem is that I’ve decided to land here the week it’s heating up with Coronamania. We’ve had to cancel our May tour, where we would've visited new cities for the first time, totally rethink our plans for the coming months and now the three of us have to isolate for the next 12 weeks. Will we kill each other or pump out the sweet content?

Much love, hope you’re all staying safe and KEEP YA NAN INDOORS.

Ryan x

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