Accepting influences from all genres of music and walks of life, the band is comprised of Georgy Eaton, Ryan Hunt, Jack Wild and Sass Lafferty. Together they have crafted a refreshing new take on Rock music, bringing their personalities and boundless influences to the uncompromised melting pot. Whilst holding true to the fundamental elements of the genre, Scruffy Bear are loud and raw yet they incorporate intricacies that are otherwise lost with the Rock and Roll attitude. Virtuosic and passionate musicianship go hand in hand with Georgy's earth-shattering, soulful and unmistakable vocals.

Scruffy Bear take their individuality and unconfined energy to a whole new level with their live show - the band’s stage presence is captivating and second to none. Feeding off the excitement they bring to the crowd and their love for playing live, any size of audience is rooted into the palm of their hand. They have an immediately obvious and genuine connection with each other and their music. Scruffy Bear are full-throttle with defiant rhythms and fearless vocals, they will immerse you into their exciting artistic vision and you’ll never want to leave.

Scruffy Bear are here to firmly make their mark on Rock music.





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© 2020 by Scruffy Bear.

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Photos by Nikki Simmons, Alfie Thompson, Amanda Kilfeather and Rhys Wood.