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Tour Diary: Part 2

Hi lovely humans, it’s Georgy. We hope you enjoyed the first part of our tour diary.

Sass already covered Newcastle & Edinburgh, but here’s a lil bit about the second half of our tour at Rockmantic Festival in Carlisle and our sold out headline show in Manchester.

On the morning of the 7th Sass and I headed over to Carlisle to meet the boyos Jack and Ryan at the wonderful Brickyard in Carlisle. We were all dead excited about playing Rockmantic Festival for the first time and it’s safe to say that the Brickyard did not disappoint! What a great venue. Just before soundcheck we made an emergency stop for coffee and a toastie (of course) whilst meeting some lovely people in Espresso Hub!

We were opening the festival at 5:30pm on a Friday evening, so it’s safe to say we weren’t getting our hopes up too much. There were already quite a few people in when we got on stage and by the latter end of our set the venue was pretty packed! We got such a good reaction and for our first proper festival performance we were dead happy with how everything went! Sass got to use an 8x10 cab too which he gets VERY excited about every time.

Was so inspiring to be in a room full of people who really love rock music. All of the bands playing on the night were incredible in their own way and we were all gutted we couldn’t stay for the whole thing as we had to drive a good few hours home that night. A big shout out to Raz for putting us on the festival, what a lovely man and it was nice for a little band like us to be believed in by someone else! Another shout out to the amazing Simon and Kevin, amongst many others, that we met there too. Everyone was SO lovely and supportive and Kevin even travelled to Manchester two days after to see us at Gullivers - what a dude!

Hoping we’ll be back in Carlisle to play the Brickyard again very soon.

So, on to the last show of our first tour at Gullivers in Manchester. Sass & I travelled down from Yorkshire with my little Corsa absolutely full to the brim in the morning and went for a last minute practice with the guys at Pirate Studios. The drive down was bloody dreadful. We were starting on the lovely Storm Ciara which unfortunately caused so much flooding damage to so many parts of the UK. Most of the way there you could barely see 2 metres in front of you with the absolutely torrential rain, so we were very happy to get to Manchester in one piece!

Had a great practice, changed around a few of the new songs we have to make them a little more interesting. Reeaaaaaaally cannot wait to show everyone the new stuff! We started the day with the most 10/10 Chinese food from Salt & Pepper MCR in the Arndale Market. We’ve come to the conclusion that cos i’m a fussy bugger and complain if we don’t go out and get nice food that it’s probably best we go to food markets so everyone can get something they want! I can’t help that my mum’s an amazing cook and i’ve been proper spoilt with food my whole life!! It REAAAALLY annoys the guys tho - I don’t blame them.

After getting to the venue and setting everything up, the boys went out to get a much needed coffee and seemed to walk out of Gullivers as soon as a huge rain & thunderstorm happened. Lol. I knew there was a reason I stayed behind and sorted the merch out! They came back absolutely DRENCHED bless them, like little soggy dogs. Of COURSE we would organise our hometown show for the worst storm in 10 years!!!

Our last three headline shows in Manchester that we’ve organised have been pretty much sold out each time so I think we were all a little nervous that the weather would put people off coming in. We’d already had a few messages from people that had already bought tickets to say they wouldn’t be able to make it in as the roads were blocked and the trains cancelled. Of course we wanted people to be safe and not risk it if it meant they’d struggle to get home!

We had the amazing PRIMAL from Nottingham and MoonRunners from Edinburgh sharing the stage with us, so they had to do even longer journeys bless them! PRIMAL opened the night up and played an absolute belter of a blues rock set, with some seriously impressive harmonica skills. We’re heading to Nottingham to support them in May that we can’t wait for! MoonRunners were next up and they never ever disappoint. For two people the amount of energy that comes from the stage is electric. They’re always making the crowd dance and everyone is drawn to them, no matter what music you like! So amazing to have two crazy talented bands to share the stage with.

By the end of our set, the venue was sold out, which honestly couldn’t have made us happier. The fact that people made an extra effort to come out and support live music was an amazing feeling! We played 3 new songs that had a great reception and finished the set off with an encore of Foxey Lady by Jimi Hendrix. We went straight to the merch desk after the set, talked to some seriously lovely new friends and fans. It's a great feeling being able to talk to new people at every show!

We appreciate every single one of you for coming to our shows, streaming our music, buying our merch and most of all believing in a lil rock band like us.

In the words of of Blackman Turner Overdrive:

“B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-nothin’ yet”

- Sass wrote that part (lol)

Thanks for reading this long blog! Georgy x

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