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Tour Diary: Part 1

Newcastle was our first stop on the tour and honestly we weren’t sure how it was going to go. As the Monday just before payday in January, I think we all kept our hopes quite low and realistic...

We woke up that morning with Ryan grumpy that no one had got him a sausage and bacon butty from the butchers because apparently he can’t go without me. After Ryan had got his beloved butty, we made our way to Newcastle, set up the stage and decided to pop out for MORE food. Food will be a pretty large part of this blog as we all love it way too much and 3 of us get extremely hangry when we don’t get regular meals!!! (Georgy we’re looking at you….)

We came across a BBQ place called Purple Bear that we all thought would be a good idea. Cos who doesn’t love eating a pound of meat just before you’re about to hit the stage?! Food was lovely, Ryan & Jack ordered enough food for a small football team as always!

We were blessed to play at the wonderful Trillians Rock Bar with local band Vindicter opening up. Dave, the owner of the bar and sound man for the night, is an absolute legend. We had a great chat with him and can’t wait to work with him again, he’s one of the most genuine people we’ve met in the music industry. Absolutely lovely dude but still straight to the point which we think are the best type of people!

Vindicter played a killer set, were lovely dudes and got the crowd nicely warmed up for us.

As said before, for the Monday night before payday we were so surprised at how many people were there. The crowd was great and everyone was really up for a good time and came to chat with us after our set. Lovely bunch! For our first time in Newcastle it was a very successful show, we’re already looking forward to heading back to Trillians!

We packed up the stage, headed back to North Yorkshire to stay with Georgy’s mum and the boyos drank copious amounts of Whiskey before we headed off to dreamland.

The next day we headed up to Scotland to stay with Sass’ parents the night before MoonRunners’ ‘Dano’ single launch. All 4 of us and our gear piled into Ryan’s (t)rusty whip. We truly were completely squished in but it was worth it as we wanted to share the car journey together instead of being in separate cars. We had literally the best Indian takeaway we think any of us have ever had, including Jack who had only had a curry ONCE before?!?! WHAT!! We were all flabbergasted too.

On show day we headed over to Bannermans, unpacked everything and headed straight for food as it was already 4:30pm and stupidly none of us had eaten yet - a complete recipe for disaster. Georgy was possibly the hangriest we’ve seen her and we rushed in for food before she inevitably took one of our heads off. Unlike our great experience in Newcastle at Purple Bear, the restaurant Carnivore that we chose left a little to be desired. Don’t get me wrong, the food was really tasty but the sandwiches were so ridiculously difficult to eat and quite expensive.

We had the lovely & amazing Amanda K Photography taking pictures for us that night which was so lovely to work with her again.

First up on the bill for the night was Fake Lips, a local two piece band that blew the roof off to an already pretty packed Bannermans! We were next up, the crowd again were great and were even more involved this time. We’ve played a couple of shows in Edinburgh now and the crowds are always very freeing and give you as much energy as you give them - it’s amazing!

We got very sweaty as always and after we had finished we headed to have a bit of a chat with Moonies before their headline set.

I have known Callum (lead guitarist/singer in MoonRunners) since we were really really small. The thing we love about MoonRunners is what you see is what you get. They’re both so lovely and always put on the most energetic and entertaining show - which is exactly who they are as people! Plus, they have GREAT tunes that always make you want to have fun and dance. They’re a great band that always make such an impact wherever they are and played to a sold out crowd that we really don’t think they could be any more deserving of!

We were lucky enough to be able to stay just above the venue in their ‘band flat’ that night. After the show we got a beloved Edinburgh chippy, sat up for a while, chilled and chatted about how the tour had gone so far. We’re not your typical “rock and roll” band. We drink a little but I don’t think all of us have ever been absolutely hammered together. I think we all just like having full chill time as best friends instead of getting wild and partying. We’re all just old people at heart really!

In the flat there’s three bedrooms that all have 3 double beds in, Georgy & I got scared of one particular room as it had VERY spooky vibes so we all ended up sleeping in the same room together. Safe to say we all woke up at one point due to someone’s snoring OR the man outside the window that was very aggressively playing the bongos at 4 in the morning.

Standard really.

After setting off for North Yorkshire again in the morning, we were all pretty dead on our feet and DYING for brekkie but were all dead happy at how the first few shows had been. We’re really lucky to be in a band where we’re all the best of friends, can take the micky out of each other (even if Ryan does get AGGY over nothing sometimes 🙄) and just work so well on a creative level. We all know that we’ve got each other's backs - which I think is so important.

We’ll be back for Part 2 soon - playing Rockmantic Festival in Carlisle and a sold out show at Gullivers in Manchester!

Thanks for reading

Sass x

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