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I'm Doing Better: Our Influences & Inspirations

Ryan, Georgy and I have been making music together for almost three years and now that we’ve got our very own knight in shining armour, Jack Daniel(s) Wild (how cool is that name by the way?) to complete our line up, the band is finally ready to take whatever’s thrown at us!

With our first single with Jack coming out later this month, we’d thought we’d share some of the music new and old that’s inspired us to come together and write ‘I’m Doing Better’.

As a band, we’re massive fans of all things 70s. We all share a passion for Led Zeppelin and their attitude towards writing and releasing music. Obviously, things have moved on quite some since they refused to release a radio edit of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ but the message that they wouldn’t compromise their art for radio play and publicity has always rung true with us.

Musically, we’re all attracted to bands who choose creativity over the easy route and laboriously work on their songs whilst daring to be different.

Here’s a little bit from each of us on where we are coming from with our upcoming single ‘I’m Doing Better’.

“Two massive influences for me when I was writing my part to the single were Tame Impala and Half Moon Run, the bass in both of these bands never leaves anything to be desired. There’s a great amount of subtle complexity in their parts that I really took inspiration from. However…I like to dive in headfirst with the bass, I LOVE when the bass comes alive in a mix and fills out just as much space as the guitar, this really comes from my first introduction to music through bands like Rush and Yes, so there are a few parts where I’m wearing those influences on my sleeve” - Sass (Bass)

“I've always loved the huge drum sounds from 70's rock and for this song I wanted the introduction to grab people's attention. Cozy Powell came to mind while I was playing this, particularly his performance in Stargazer (Rainbow), which is full of life, energy and creativity. The drums in this song have a lot of gusto and avoid going straight down the middle of the song.” - Ryan (Drums)

“Usually when writing melodies and lyrics I tend to go to my safe place which is LOUD vocals with a bit of attitude and to use nature as metaphors for things happening in my life - normally sad/angry ones of course. Before we wrote this song I’d been listening to a lot of Billie Eilish and love how her softer tones are so expressive and captivating. I really wanted to pull influences from her, Amy Whinehouse and other artists that really use vocal dynamics line to line to take you on a lil journey of feels throughout the song.” - Georgy (Vocals)

“From a guitar point of view I generally try to think of some of favourite players that are super creative when it comes to writing riffs (Joe Perry, Slash, Jimmy Page). I'm a big lover of jazz & fusion too and I love how guys like Herbie Hancock and Guthrie Govan play with harmony over the top of static bass notes. Was feeling very inspired by the poppy vibes from 'The band Camino' lately too.” -Jack (Guitar)

Sass x

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