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Deadwing - Post Mortem Single Review

There are SO MANY wonderful and unique bands on the Manchester circuit that are all trying to make a name for themselves, but there are some special ones that really pop out from the crowd.

Deadwing are a four piece rock band based in Manchester comprised of Ellis Elwyn, Jake Lafferty, Jack Stanley and latest addition Dragoş Colceriu. This is a band that are absolutely shit-hot at their instruments and have a driving passion to create something new, exciting and full of style.

'Post Mortem' is the latest single from this bunch of lovely Goths. The track opens with an ambient guitar riff that sets the tone and gives you a feeling of being carried off into an abyss. Ellis’ melodies in the verse and pre-chorus are haunting and spook-filled, pumping you full of emotion before the chorus drops and you can’t decide whether it’s a warm embrace or a ham-fisted grip on your heartstrings.

The band’s new guitarist Dragoş’ has turned Deadwing into a truly cohesive unit and carries the song with such class and style - Playing with increasing intensity before ripping a solo that can only be described as ABSOLUTELY DUTTY.

Jack and Jake are a rhythm section of dreams and they’re definitely one of my favourite power couples of all time. These two boys are experts in crafting parts that drive the song forward with power, dynamics and extra layers of melody. If (read: When) you see this band live then you better not stand too close because your head might explode.

You have to be absolutely nuts to not love this track. There is SO much personality showcased and each band member has the space to shine while still holding down a song not only suitable for Goth house parties but for your garden variety rock fans alike.

Listen to 'Post Mortem' here:

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